What to bring from Bastia?

Création Albo
Sainte Lucie eye encrusted in amber. Created by Albo.

The sculptor Albo makes in particular beautiful  Corsican stone-based jewels. According to me it is the best place to get  a "Sainte Lucie eye," which is a shell cover traditionnally used in Corsican jewellery. It protects its holder frome the bad eye. Albo encrusts this eye in many of his creations containing Corsican stones, amber, coral or even plexiglass.

Albo, Les Chardonnerets, 39 route du Cap
20200 Ville di Pietrabugno, 20200 BASTIA
(North exit of  Bastia, road to the Cap, a few minutes from the Toga's Marina)
Phone:  (33)
Site :

Parfum Cyrnarom

Cyrnarom Perfumes. Created by Guy Cecchini.

Guy Cecchini is the unique perfumer in Corsica.  He creates toilet waters, perfumes and cosmetics containing Corsican plants. His store houses a small museum of perfumery where he gathered the old material necessary to the distillation of fragance. Buying his perfumes is the best way to bring back on the Mainland typical odors of the maquis (Corsican bushland) like "Murza" a perfume based on everlasting flowers. 

Parfum Cyrnarom
29, Avenue Emile Sari
20200 BASTIA
Tél :

Carafes Mattei
Collection of Mattei carafes.

"Cap Corse" is an aperitif containing quinquina. Its history goes back to 1872, date of  its perfecting by Louis-Napoleon Mattei. The Mattei company is situated in Bastia. Old and modern Mattei advertising objects are precious to collectors. You can even see a good collection in Corte's museum.

"Drink with moderation"

Mattei Shop
Place Saint-Nicolas
20200 BASTIA

To know more about Bastia, its past, its history, you can read Hélène Bresciani's book "Bastia" (Albiana, 2002) where she mixes feelings about the City and childhood memories.

See also "Bastia, le Guide," Momum, Editions du Patrimoine, collection "Guide des villes et pays d'art et d'histoire" (2003). 
"Bastia, le guide" gives you in 144 pages, a cultural trip , well documented and illustrated by 260 pictures, through Governors' city." 
Fabrice Laurent. - Bastia : un guide à parcourir. - La Corse Votre Hebdo du 5-11/09/2003, n° 217, p. 34.

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