Small village in the area of NEBBIO. Its 165 inhabitants share out between three hamlets : Supranu, Olivacce, and Monticellu.

In the Olivacce's central hamlet you will find the baroque parish church San Cerbone, of baroque style, the Holy Cross brotherhood chapel and the friendly village hall.  

Located at  1.2 miles from Oletta, the village offers a superb view on the valley of Conca d'Oro, thus called because of its wealthy agriculture (vines, olive-trees, cultures in terrasses), on the Saint-François Convent and the gulf of Saint-Florent (4.4 miles).
Poggio d'Oletta counts several wine producers AOC "Patrimonio" (AOC means label guaranteeing the quality of wine).
"By chronological order (date of creating in brackets) : Leccia domain (1850) 20 hectares, Boccheciampe domain (1929) 5 hectares, clos Clémenti (1936) 15 hectares, Guidicelli domain (1997) 13 hectares, clos Signatore 4 hectares. Besides, several wine producers have their cellar located on neighbouring boroughs but have part of their vines on Poghju d'Oletta territory. It is in particular the case for :  Orenga de Gaffory domain, Novella, Montemagni, Lazzarini, San Quilico... All included, Poggio d'Oletta is the second AOC Patrimonio vineyard in terms of surface just after Barbaggio."
Jean-Paul CAPPURI. - "Poghju d'Oletta: la vie au balcon". - La Corse Votre Hebdo, issue 221, October 3-9, 2003, pp. 16-17.

San Cerbone parish church steeple has just been renovated in 2003. The village plans to renovate the Holy Cross brotherhood chapel and to open an art and popular tradition museum dedicated to the vine.

La mairie et la salle des fêtes

Caves à Poggio

Eglise de Poggio

Vue de la route vers Oletta

En descendant de Supranu

Vue de Supranu
Vue des Crêtes La Conca d'Oro
Poggio vu d'Oletta Coucher de soleil (route de Bastia)

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